Homage to the three women in Dr.Santos life, his wife, daughter and granddaughter. Portrayd as the Queens he considers them.
Portrait of another dear, long-time friend. Yvonne always creates, with her hands, a distance between her and others - a "don't-enter-zone".
Suze is Barbara's favorite model and dear friend.
Together with Bert Holvast. Rui wanted himself portrayed from the vieuwpoints of two very different artists.No pictures available.
Portrait of an old, dear friend.
Member of the "Bocca Bella" choir, who sang at the launch of "Pictures From Life's Other Side'. Nadine has astonishingly bright-blue eyes.
The owner of the gallery that represents Barbara.
Portrait of Koen as a baby. The parents wanted to again experience their enormous gratitude for his birth every time they look at this painting. To them "he is stardust, he is golden".
Portait of Ina, whom Barbara has known all her life. And who she saw growing up into the fine young woman she is today.
Portait of Box, just before he passed away, to keep the memory alive.
Present from Rolf for Ana for their wedding.