Again the role of women in the men's world of the Catholic Church. To clean, to take care of the flowers. To serve the one's who claim to serve. At the inauguration ceremony in Crato, 2011, the "Bocca Bella" choir performed, by Barbara arrayed as " black beings", just producing bare "sound" in the immense nave of the "Mosteiro de Nosse Senhora da Flor da Rosa".
The São Martinho Monestry in Mire de Tibães, near Braga, 2005. The sore hands, feeling heavy after the harsh work in the kitchen. Women suffering to maintain the well-off men in the Catholic Church. Or to serve the wealthy Roman oppressors in the Lanconium and Praefurnium, in more then one way. Évora, 2005.
Two times every day, Barbara would take her dogs for a walk. The never obedient Vlo (= Flee, he jumps and he bites), who kept his own agenda. She could yell her lungs out, try sweet-talking, nothing worked. This lasted three, four years - she almost gave up on him. Now he is the most obedient and sweetest dog you can imagine, and we are lucky to still have him around (thirteen years now).
Exhibition in the burnt-out church of the Santa Clara Convent in Portalegre, 2003.
An impressive exhibition to acompany an equally impressive play. First performance throughout the whole Robinson plant, second performance in the centuries-old Confiance Soapery in Braga.
First shown in 1997 at the Instituto Portugués da Juventude in Leiria.These images are from the 1998 show in the "Sala dos Arcos" of the Robinson cork factory in Portalegre.
In the ancient, abandoned Spa of Fadagosa Barbara put up an installation - the former workers thought the Spa was running again - in 1996. Marble bathes for the rich, one bath a room; granite baths for the less rich. The granite baths much lower, less money meant less healing water, and two in a room.